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Agile is interested in continously expanding its network and its coverage worldwide.

Our efforts are focused on creating opportunities with new partners like us.

If you have direct connections with carriers in your Country or around the world, contact us to improve services for customers and suppliers, yours and ours.

We offer various pre-configured services or we can develop dedicated solutions.

Here are some of these services:

  • Direct Connections
  • High Quality Wholesale Routes
  • HLR Look Up
  • MNP Database
  • Testing Numbers
  • SMS Testing Tool
  • Bilateral Agreement



Agile Telecom SpA, a company of MailUp Group, is a registered telco operator with a ministerial license members of GSMA since 2008, specializied into SMS market since 2002.
All technologies for sending SMS (HTTP, SMPP and especially SS7) have been developed and produced in-house by our team of specialized engineers. This allows us to guarantee the best performance with qualified and rapid support.
Our continuously trained team is composed of young specialists and highly experienced Senior experts.