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At Agile Telecom, we’re all about optimizing hefty SMS volumes for mobile network operators and SMS aggregators. With our combination of insider market know-how and top-notch, proprietary technology, we serve up efficient solutions that keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the telecommunications industry.

What you'll get with us

SMS traffic management

With our 370+ direct connections and 1500+ partners, there is no one better than us to deliver your SMS traffic worldwide. We handle over 2 billion messages a year, delivering all types of A2P transactional SMS, whether OTP or Marketing, to customers around the world in seconds. Reach your customers in a flash, no matter where they are.

Smart Verification

We are your insufferable, absolutely indispensable know-it-all buddies. Get essential information on your recipients’ numbers in seconds. Take advantage of the insights to reduce sending costs and improve delivery rates, save money on invalid numbers, keep your database up to date and take advantage of every opportunity to improve your margins.

HLR Look Up

We are no secret agents, but there are no insights we can’t find. You’ll know if a recipient number is roaming or ported between networks. Maintain high quality and minimize costs in a snap, receiving insights anywhere in the world.

Agile is not just a name: it's a state of mind

With two decades of experience, SMS have no secrets for us. We are smart, nimble and as agile as our name suggests. We solve problems in a matter of days where usually it take months.

Scalability issues?
In the rearview

We manage millions of messages a day, guaranteeing the best route, nearly anywhere in the world.


We can process customized requests for each partner, meeting your specific needs and guaranteeing the exact required output.

Secret-sauce technology

We develop all our products in-house and
we are their first heavy users.

Get delivered anywhere

Our 370+ direct connections and 1500+ partners worldwide allow us to deliver SMS traffic
virtually anywhere in the world.

Technology to scale your business

100 % cloud-based

Ensure exceptional performance by entrusting us with your needs, we are 100% cloud-based.

Top reliability

Our reliability is at the top of its class and 20 years of experience make all the difference in the world.

Highly scalable

Explore growth opportunities with our advanced
and scalable services.

Developed in-house

Rely on our experience and quality with in-house developed
IT products and tools.

Choose Agile’s services today

Increase your business revenue by choosing our services.
Trust us because:

  • We are global, interconnected all over the world
  • Our services are easily integrated via API, HTTP or SMPP
  • No minimum commitment, flexible price that adapts to your needs
  • Over 20 years of experience in the market

Choose a technically perfect solution

Integrate with our services in a matter of minutes, relying on a wide documentation stack and with constant support by our experts. Trust our services:

  • Built to be solid and secure
  • Automatically scalable, with chances of disruption next to zero
  • Compliant with telco regulations in force
  • 99,9% of SLA

The cherries on top

Our mission isn’t just about zipping your SMS around the globe.

We also enable you to easily enter the SMS services market with a complete platform tailored to your needs – Agile Telecom Web Services (ATWS).

You develop your business relationships while we handle all your systems for you.

How’s that for teamwork?

Whether you want to improve your current systems or are looking for a new platform, ATWS is the ace you have been waiting for.

We’ve got the expertise to hand you a ready-to-rock product that’ll save you time and money, so you can zero in on the real deal— SMS deals.

Experience the power of choice with our universally adaptable hosting.

Enterprise-grade solutions without the enterprise-grade cost.

Every tool, every solution, one platform – simplify your digital strategy.

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Let's do this

For big-league companies, aggregators and enterprises craving max profits without skimping on top-shelf deliverability,
we’re the guerrilla team you’ve been looking for.

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