Ensure bulletproof information security and protect customer data

Using state-of-the-art technologies, Smart Content Verification detects and filters out from messages harmful or inappropriate content, ensuring that only authorized messages are sent and received. This not only protects customer data, but also improves profitability by safeguarding users and avoiding receiving unwanted messages or spam.

Deliver 100% accurate content

What is Smart Content Verification

Ensure that your SMS campaigns relay only the right content. Smart Content Verification automatically checks your SMS content before sending, ensuring your message is correct and compliant with company policies. No more embarrassing mistakes or privacy issues – you safeguard your reputation, keep your customers happy and improve your sales.

How it works

Smart Content Verification takes your place in ensuring that your SMS content is correct and compliant with regulations. Just enter the content into our system or use it on your own servers. The system provides suggestion if the content does not meet requirements, and messages to avoid violations. Start sending compliant SMS messages and improving your company’s reputation now!

Why this is the solution you want

Smart Content Verification is where state-of-the-art technology meets cutting-edge analysis to keep your SMS messages safe, secure, and spam-free. 
Our smart system detects and filters out harmful or inappropriate content, ensuring only authorized, on-brand messages make it to your customers’ hands.

Say goodbye to pesky spam and hello to happy customers!

Automatically verify content

Advanced algorithms automatically scan your SMS content before sending, making sure it’s all good to go and following all your company’s rules and policies.

Detect keywords

Automatically detect specific keywords or phrases within text messages, and spot right away any inappropriate content or policy violations.

Customize policies

Customize the verification policies that best suit for you, ensuring that your SMS content is always compliant with internal standards and customers’ expectations.

Explore the knowledge base

Experience a revolution in data security with our cutting-edge SMS Content Verification technology. It not only strengthens your data security measures but also elevates the overall user experience by ensuring a secure and reliable communication environment. With our innovative technology, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring customer privacy becomes effortless and efficient.

Our SMS Content Verification technology offers an unmatched line of defense, ensuring that only authorized messages reach their intended recipients. This comprehensive security layer empowers you with peace of mind, knowing that any harmful or inappropriate content is quickly identified, intercepted, and filtered out, mitigating potential risks.

Beyond safeguarding against harmful content, our technology is also armed with robust spam prevention mechanisms. It can detect and block unwanted messages or spam, further enhancing the communication experience for your customers and reducing unwanted distractions.

We invite you to explore and learn more about how our SMS Content Verification technology can meet your specific needs. Whether you are an enterprise seeking to fortify your messaging platform or a user seeking a spam-free and secure communication experience, our technology is tailored to meet a wide range of requirements. Take a closer look and discover how you can leverage our state-of-the-art technology to enhance your communication security and user experience.

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