DSA Compliance


This page sets out information relevant to the European Union’s (EU) Digital Services Act (DSA), a set of regulations designed to prevent illegal and harmful activities online. The DSA applies to Agile users in the EU when sending messages through additional channels.

Single point of contact for EU authorities and users in the EU

Articles 11 and 12 of the DSA require to designate a single point of contact to enable direct communication with the European Commission, EU Member States’ authorities, the European Board for Digital Services, and Agile users in the EU regarding the application of the DSA. 

These authorities and Agile users can contact Agile regarding the DSA via dsa.compliance@agiletelecom.com

Communications with this email address should be in English and/or Italian.

Transparency reporting

Articles 13 of the DSA require to make publicly available comprehensible reports on any content moderation
that Agile engaged in during the relevant period.

Article 15 of the DSA requires making comprehensible reports publicly available on any content moderation that Agile engaged in during the relevant period. As per Article 15 of the DSA, our reports will include details about the orders received from competent EU authorities, the number and type of measures adopted to give effect to the order, the number of complaints that we may have received, and any further details on content moderation activities that might be requested by the rules applicable to us. Our first report will be available within February 17th, 2025.



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