GDPR Compliance

Security is our priority

Agile Telecom supports companies when it comes to data and privacy protection.

Our transparency policy is meant to provide you with all you need to feel secure on the platform.

Data protection: our committment

Every day, we commit to the principles that maintain trust in the cloud, as well as protect and secure data. We provide all our customers with the necessary tools to comply with the new regulations simply and straightforwardly.

Additionally, we have aligned the Agile Telecom, as a part of Growens group, solution to the GDPR requirements by updating the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) contained in our license agreement.


Agile's infrastructure compliance

Our infrastructure and security policies regularly undergo assessment and verification to guarantee their suitability with the highest standards of compliance in terms of data protection. This includes a Data Center located in Europe, the Data Loss Prevention protocol (DLP), Threat Protection systems, and periodic Vulnerability Tests.

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Agile's Data Protection Officer

In adhering to the GDPR, Agile Telecom has appointed a Data Protection Officer to manage corporate compliance and act as a point of contact between the company and the competent authorities.


Supporting your GDPR compliance

The new legislation requires companies to re-evaluate their data infrastructure and personal data processing.

Compliance is not a simple task. This is why we carefully analyzed how to use our particular flexibility so that our customers can focus only on what matters.

Data access,

management and security

More freedom

in choosing personal data

Application, communication

and data processing security


sensitive data

Management and time limit

of the consent

Tools for the subjects’ exercise

of data rights and profiling


In order to facilitate negotiations with our customers by ensuring compliance with privacy regulation, our Data Processing Agreement (pursuant to art.28 of the GDPR) is contained in the agreement that governs the service purchased by you from time to time.

We are sorry but, given the high number of customers and the variability of the types of requests, it is not possible for us to complete every single assessment questionnaire.

You may complete your evaluations by reading the details on Agile Telecom’s infrastructure and procedures here:

Agile Telecom acts as Data Controller when it processes the data of its employees, consultants or suppliers, or of users who fill out forms or subscribe to our newsletters via our website.

Agile acts, instead, as Data Processor when it treats personal data (content of the messages, phone numbers, IP addresses and data generated by the use of our services) necessary to perform our job and send out our customers’ campaigns.

Sure! Agile Telecom and its infrastructure are fully compliant with the provisions of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR). If you want more information, including the technical and organizational measures implemented for the protection of personal data, you can find all the answers at

For more information, please visit our GDPR information hub available at


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